6 Tips to Become an Early Riser

6 Tips to Become an Early Riser

7 Tips to Become an Early Riser

Wouldn’t it be great if you could rise with the sun every morning? Getting up in the morning can help you accomplish so many things! If you’ve always wanted to be an early riser, consider these tips to help you become one.

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Invest in a Good Alarm Clock 

No matter what your intention of waking up early are, you’ll need a good alarm clock to help you achieve this. Some people naturally wake up early, but it your not already waking up early on your own, you are probably not one of those people. So, stop one to becoming an early riser is to invest into a good alarm clock.

Don’t use Blackout Curtains

If you plan on waking up early in the morning, don’t use black out curtains. When it’s dark in the morning, it’s harder to wake up naturally. Make sure to leave the blackout curtains off of your windows while your trying to become an early riser.

Find Something That Motivates You

It is much easier to wake up in the morning if you have something that motivates you! Do you love your job or love watching the sunrise? Maybe you enjoy having some time to yourself before the kids wake up in the morning? Whatever motivates you, use this as motivation to become an early riser.

Give Yourself a Reward for for Waking Up Earlier

Set up a reward for yourself for waking up early everyday for a week. What does that reward look like? Well, you might buy yourself a cup of  coffee that weekend or allow yourself to sleep in once that month. Rewards are great for getting your body to do something you want it to do.


Have an Accountability Partner 

If you know someone that wakes up at down every morning, allow them to become your accountability partner. Have them text or call you in the morning to make sure you’re awake. Knowing someone else will be awake at that time of the morning is quite encouraging.

Exercise When You Can

Maybe you have no problem waking up in the morning, it’s staying awake that the big issue. One way you can get yourself to stay awake once you have woken up is to exercise. Spend time doing yoga or another low impact exercise in the morning to gently wake you up.

There is so much you can get done during those morning hours when you’d usually be sleeping. If you want to become successful in your attempt to become an early riser, you’ll want to put some of these tips into action.

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