Blog Challenge Day 10: Best Trip of My Life

Blog Challenge Day 10: Best Trip of My Life

Best Trip of My Life

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This post was very hard since I could not seem to decide one just one trip as the “Best Trip of My Life,” so I decided to write about the place where we always had the best trips growing up. When I was a kid our grandparents use to take us on monthly trips and 9 out of 10 of those trips were always to the mountains. Now I know that goes against the “status quo” of beach verse mountains and people typically think I am a beach girl but at heart I am a mountain kind of girl, always have and always will be!

Yes I do live at the beach, yes I am a blonde white girl, and yes I am originally from California, while I do find it fun and relaxing it is just not my ultimate vacation spot. I find the mountains to be so much more exhilarating, welcoming, refreshing, and yes relaxing.

As a kid we use to go to Pigeon Forge in Tennessee, Maggie Valley and Cherokee in North Carolina. We would fish, go to amusement parks, walk through town, eat at some pretty awesome little places, and just spend quality family time! We did not stay at fancy hotels, buy a bunch of stuff, or eat at fancy dinning places but we always got to see and do so many things.

Looking back on these memories I have with them makes me miss these little trips oh so much. As a kid I never cherished it as much as I wish I would have because I never imagined there could be a world without such amazing grandparents. I only pray that God allows us to make those same memories for our children and our grandchildren.

What was the Best Trip of Your Life? Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?

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