Blog Challenge Day 16: Thoughts on Education

Blog Challenge Day 16: Thoughts on Education

Thoughts on Education

Personally my thoughts on education are pretty plain and simple. We need to be focusing on life application and forget about numbers and test scores. Our school system spends so much time looking at test scores rather than actually talking and observing the individual.

I am a firm believer in life skills, when kids grow up and move away from home they barely know how to balance a bank account much less purchase a house. Yes I know I am only twenty-one years old and no it was not that long ago that I graduated highschool but let’s get real for a minute, does age really matter on this subject? ┬áMy opinions are based on my experience of going through the public, private, and homeschool settings as a student.


In the public school system our teachers were more concerned with government guidelines and test scores┬áthan they were with our actual ability in understanding the subject matter. Our teachers have so much pressure on them to make sure we get through so many chapters in a textbook and have certain standardized test scores that they do not have a chance to understand what method of teaching works best for each student. Let’s face it, that DOES NOT WORK! My learning style and some random person at the grocery store are most likely extremely different. Every child is their own person and learns at a different pace and with a different style.

Once we grasp the concept of every child being a unique individual with their own learning styles, I also feel as though we need to incorporate a life skills course into our high schools. Our children are graduating high school with no concept of credit scores or what it means to be an adult. There is more to adulthood than getting a college education and then working. Buying houses, cars, getting credit cards, paying bills, buying stocks and balancing bank accounts requires more than just listening to the sales person or stock broker who is paid on commission and is trying to talk you into things you have not a clue what your buying so they can make money.

I feel that if our schools were to make it a requirement to take a semester at minimum of a life skills course, that maybe just maybe we would have better equipped young people. That is just my two cents on educaton, whether it is right or wrong that is for you to decided.

What do you think about our education system?

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