Blog Challenge Day 18: A Photograph of Myself

Blog Challenge Day 18: A Photograph of Myself

A Photograph of Myself

day 18

I was not sure if this was supposed to be a photo of just me or any photo including me, so I decided to just post whatever photo caught my eye. Photos are not really my thing unlike so many individuals in my generation the selfie concept is still foreign and awkward to me lol! When I started scouring my phone, computer, Facebook, and Instagram this photo always catches my eye and I usually just sit and reminisce about the moments leading up to this photo being taken. Out of all of our wedding photos this one will forever hold the most meaning to me as it was the most amazing moment to me.

My husband and I met over the internet,  (I know exactly what you are thinking and no we were not on a dating site nor was I searching for a relationship!) he was a Marine stationed here at Camp Lejeune and I was a brand new high school graduate with three jobs. We lived four and a half hours away from each other and we only saw each other on weekends. He would drive that long drive on Friday’s after work and then turn around and leave after church on Sunday’s. There were several times we would go two and three weeks sometime a month without seeing each other but we never let that stop us. Right from the start we both instantly shared the same feeling that this was meant to be.

We got engaged after eight months and married four short months after that…two days shy of one year! Those four months leading up to our wedding were filled with cakes, decorations, food, dress fittings, bridal showers, house hunting, and lots of stress. By the time we got to the wedding day I was so tired of dealing with the details of the wedding I had not truly sat and let it sink in that I was about to marry my best friend and commit my life to follow him where ever the Marine Corps took him.

The moments leading up to this photo were so emotional yet so beautiful and I am so thankful we had an amazing photographer that was able to capture those moments (I would share those but I will admit I was blubbering like an idiot). I remember taking some photos prewedding with my bridesmaids and family, when our photographer asked if I wanted to do the photos where we can’t see each other before the wedding, of course I said yes. It wasn’t until I heard Jenny, tell me to hide behind the backdrop because he was coming out to get into place that it hit me…I WAS REALLY GETTING MARRIED! It wasn’t a cold feet kind of emotion but more of a relief kind of emotion. The wait was over, here was the most amazing man who chose me to be his wife and partner for the rest of his life. I remember starting to cry and Jenny and my mom trying to make me laugh so I would stop crying and not mess up my make-up.

It is this photo that I look at when we are fighting over the dishes in the sink, the socks on the dinning room table, or clothes on the bathroom floor and just remember that this is just apart of the roller coaster ride called marriage. Our marriage has not and is not perfect, we still have a lifetime of learning to do, and a long ride ahead but I know that no matter the argument I am lucky to have my best friend to experience it with.

Do you have a photo that just tugs at your memories? Share away would love to hear some awesome stories!

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