Blog Challenge Day 19: My Favorite Movie

Blog Challenge Day 19: My Favorite Movie

My Favorite Movie

Typically I am not a movie person or a television person for that matter, so I generally do not go see a lot of movies unless my husband begs me to go and we have a baby sitter for the night. I have seen a lot of movies and my favorite use to be The Notebook just like every other girl in America lol. But a few month ago my husband and I rented the movie, War Room featuring Priscilla Shirer, and I immediately fell in love with the movie.

war room

Since being a wife and mom I have experienced a whole new level of spiritual war fare in my relationship with Christ. Yeah I had trails and temptations in high school and they were hard to overcome but I always had the rules my parents set in place that helped to keep me on the right track, so making good decisions was fairly simple most of the time. But when I became a wife, mom, and adult Satan came at me full force and I always felt like I just couldn’t get out from under him.

When watching War Room, Priscilla’s character is a wife and mother who is in the midst of a spiritual attack within her family, God shows us just how powerful prayer is. She has a husband who works all the time and is quietly stealing from his company to make some extra money, their marriage is in shambles, and God is not present in their home. Through her real estate job she encounters an elderly woman, who takes Priscilla under her wing and beings to minister to her. While ministering to the young relator, this elderly woman shows Priscilla her “war room” where she does all of her praying.

The reason for the name War Room is because Christianity is a battle ground between God and satan, and prayer is how we fight the war between good and evil. In this war room, Priscilla sees hand written prayers for people, bible verses, and even pictures of the individuals this woman was praying for. She dedicated a space in her home just for spiritual battle!

Could you imagine just how defeated the devil must have felt? This movie inspired me to create a “War Wall” or “War Corner” (still can’t decide which I like better yet). I do not have any extra room in my house or I would also have a closet dedicated to being my War Room. This does not mean that the only time I pray or talk to God is when I am in this area at all! By creating this space I have created a stronger need for myself to pray without ceasing. Everyday I get up and see this space on my wall with pictures, quotes, bible verses, and prayers and just feel so thankful that I can have such an intimate relationship with my Heavenly Father.

What is your favorite movie?

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