Blog Challenge Day #1:My blog name


There was a time when I was organized, neat, put-together, and punctual…then along came a sweet little boy that filled my world with constant chaos from day one. My first few months into motherhood were difficult to adjust to as I dealt with my new “normal,” which is always 5 minutes late, hair and make up not done, dishes piling up, laundry never folded much less out of the dryer, and the never ending to-do list growing day by day.

The farther I got into motherhood the more I found the image I pictured was not for me. I love my child deeply don’t get me wrong but I found that I need more than just being a wife and a mom, so much of my time is centered around my husbands job, my sons needs, and keeping the house together that I sort of lost who I was. Through those first few months is when I decided a blog is what I wanted to do to have my own spot in this noisy world to share my struggles, triumphs, and laughs with other mamas who may be struggling to keep it together.

So when you visit OneCrazyMessyMama you will find lots of crazy and messy stories of motherhood and marriage, because lets face it life gets crazy and messy sometimes.

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