Blog Challenge Day 20: What makes me happy?

Top 10 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. My faith in Christ and doing his will for my life life. 

  2. Having an amazing and godly husband to experience life with. 

  3. Being able to be home with my son and seeing him hit mile stones, and his laughter is absolutely infectious no matter how bad the day is. 

  4. SWEETS make me incredibly happy! Mainly ice cream but ya know a girl will take what ever she can get LOL.

  5. Having an amazing group of women who share the same faith and are always willing to stop and pray with me. 

  6. Knowing my family has my back no matter what!

  7. Cooking and baking; I love trying new recipes any chance I get, now that is much harder with a one year old running around but I am always looking up new things for us to try. 

  8. Basketball was and always will be a love of mine. I grew up playing and played all through school, and when hubby has a free night I try to go play pick up games once in a while. Even watching it on tv is still pretty good too, but nothing like actually playing. 

  9. Opening my home to others. My spiritual gift is definitely hospitality and I know exactly who I get it from too, my grandmother. She was always trying to feed and house people, even my friends LOL. I am now doing the same thing, always offering up our guest room, feeding my husbands friends, and having cookouts. Despite all the work it takes to clean, cook, and clean again; my heart is always full when we are hosting people in our home. 

  10. Reading, I don’t ever get time to do this anymore with a husband and a baby but I do my best to get 10 pages in everyday of some book. My mom use to ground me growing up, until she found out I would go in my room and just sit and read LOL. It has always been a favorited past time of mine because it fills my imagination and grows my vocabulary. I hope my children will share my love for reading one day. 
    What are somethings that make you happy?

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