Blog Challenge Day #4: Dream Job

Blog Challenge Day #4: Dream Job

Dream Job

If I could have any job in the world I would open a halfway house for sex traffic victims. We would have a large plot of land with a large main house and 3 two bedroom cabins. I would also start a sanctuary for abused and neglected horses on this very same property for the sole intent of therapeutic opporutnities. The girls would be able to learn how to care for, ride, or simply just sit and watch them.

Charlotte, North Carolina is the 3rd largest sex trafficking city on the easy coast being that it is home to several large crowd venues making it an ideal place to find many young vulnerable girls. These girls need a place to come to where people truly care about their physical, mental, and spiritual well being as well as, taking the time to teach them life applicable skills.

By having a horse rescue on the property it will provide the girls with a chance to see how such a powerful and yet beautiful animal can be abused but still come back and form relationships with humans even though they have been hurt. Horses have proven to be some of the best therapists with their keen sense of emotion.

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