Blog Challenge Day #5 Proudest Moment

Blog Challenge Day #5 Proudest Moment


As I sit here and think back on so many times when I finally accomplished things like making the varsity basketball team, getting an A on finals, graduation, getting a job, and even getting married. I realize that even though they were big moments in my life at the time that so many of my family and friends were able to encourage and support me through, none of them even come close to being my proudest moment. My proudest moment was not a large celebration but merely just in the quiet of my home with no one around.

I got married at 19 to my best friend who is a Marine and moved four and half hours away from home for the first time EVER. Growing up my family was very close, grandparents lived thirty minutes away came to every school event, birthday, spent every other weekend with them. My parents have always had my back with school, sports, and even my car when it broke down every other month LOL. So needless to say moving away from home was a HUGE adjustment. About 4 months into marriage and being on my own I got pregnant with our son and my husband was being sent on regular trainings and a MEU.

It was when I was about 6 months pregnant my husband was gone to a field op for three weeks, and I had come home from grocery shopping to find that I left my house key on the counter and the doors were locked. As I called every locksmith in the area to find that we could not afford to pay that much on a locksmith, tried using a credit card to open the door like my husband would do, and called my dad to find that I was completely on my own. So at 6 months pregnant I decided it would be a good idea to climb through the only window in the whole house that was unlocked and not to mention at least 6 feet off the ground. After an hour of stacking many storage tubs from our shed out back and wiggling through the window I successfully made it into my house, unloaded my groceries and sat in the kitchen and cried.

That was my proudest moment!

Sounds crazy? You’re probably right, I am a little crazy or so my husband says. But it was then I realized I could manage this life on my own! I didn’t have family or a husband to bail me out, it was just ME. As I sat alone in my house as I have many, many, many times I cried not sad tears but content tears. That was the moment I chose to put my big girl panties on and enjoy this life I married into. One where I am away from home, my husband is gone almost all the time and I am left to take care of myself and now my son.

I wouldn’t trade this life for anything! Being a military spouse has taught me a lot about who I am and who I want to become.

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