Blog Challenge Day 8: 5 Current Goals

5 Current Goals

  1. Lose Weight- Now before everyone gets all upset….I am only trying to lose the rest of the baby weight from Wyatt. Mainly I just want to tone my body back up since I am almost at my prebaby weight anyways. Just finished putting together a 30 day workout plan and meal plan together that I will be starting on Monday so be on the lookout for posts and updates on my progress.
  2. Monetize My Blog- This is one that is overwhelming me a ton right now. There is so much information out there about monetizing and how to’s that my brain is always on overload. My goal is that by July I can make this blog look like a pro runs it LOL and will be earning money to do something I am LOVING!!
  3. Practice Sewing More- Long story short I begged for a sewing machine in high school, finally got one, then never had time to learn. Finally two months ago I went to a sewing night with some of my other mommy friends and pulled out my brand new sewing machine that had been in its box for like 3 years!!!! I have found that I truly enjoy sewing so much….not very good at it but I will get there. Hoping to add some sewn items to the shop soon!
  4. Grow a Garden and Learn to Can- Now this goal is going to be a while before it gets completed since we are moving in June and I probably will not be planting until next year. I love feeling productive and self sufficient so this is a goal that I am really excited about accomplishing.
  5. Be a Godly Wife and Mother- This goal is an ongoing project that will always be on my goal sheet because I always need a constant reminder! When my husband and my children look at me I want them to see my faith in my everyday actions. I want them to desire to keep learning more about God and how to be a light to others. Never do I want to be like wives and mothers of the world but like those that were listed in the Bible as examples for us to live by and learn from.

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