DIY Easy Fabric Wreath

DIY Easy Fabric Wreath


I don’t know about you but anytime I go to someone else’s house I always take note of their wreath. Everyone has their own unique sense of style and a front door wreath shows just a peak at what you enjoy. I have had so many people comment on my latest addiction, my fabric wreaths! These are so stinking easy to make and depending on if you add-on decorations they can be fairly affordable too! So without further a due here is a tutorial for the DIY Fabric Wreath 🙂



Fabric Pinking Shears

4 yards of fabric (I used 3 different colors so I just divided that 4 yards between the 3 making them about 1 1/4 yard each)

Wire wreath

any extra décor you will want to add ( I picked up a cheap $1 pair of flip flops and a $2 small chalkboard)





Step One:

Cut your fabric into strips measuring 8 inches in length and 2 inches in width. This is perfect to make sure our fabric is long enough to create the fullness in our wreath that we are looking for.


Step Two:

Since I had multiple colors, I made sure to go ahead and lay the piles out in the order I wanted to use. Then I just started tying the fabric on to each wire, rotating colors each time. I found that a single knot is best to help make the fabric look full and not bunched up.



Step 3:

Add on your choice of décor. For this particular wreath I left one of the sections empty to then super glue my chalkboard directly onto the wire. The jury is still out on if I should add on the flip flops or not. That one will take me a while to decided LOL 🙂

DIY Wreath


What did you add to your wreath? Post pictures of your finished product in the comments on my facebook page

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