Move Into Your New Home Organized and Uncluttered

Move Into Your New Home Organized and Uncluttered

Hey everyone let’s give a big welcome to a wonderful blogger friend of mine Della Terry. As we get ready for the BIG move this week, she is going to be bringing some awesome information that I myself will be using for our move to help keep the chaos a little more organized.



Thank you Lindsey for having me on your blog. It is truly an honor to be here!

Miss Lindsey is busy trying to get moved, so she asked me to visit with you all today. My blog is all about decluttering your home and life, so while Lindsey is packing and sorting, I thought I would share some tips to help along the way. Have you ever moved? Were you surprised to find that while your home was tidy and cozy, you had clutter stashed in closets, cabinets, and drawers? Yeah, me too.

These are the kind of things that we never really think about during our everyday life. However, when we must sort it all, and prepare to move, it can become overwhelming. What to take, what to get rid of, and why do I own this?


*If you are undecided about an item, ask yourself “Is this worth packing and paying to move?” Some items may be easier to replace after you move than the packing time, packing supplies, and moving costs it will take to move it.

*Declutter as you pack before the move, and unpack after the move. After the move, if you can’t easily find a place for an item maybe you don’t really need it. Toss it back in the box and donate it.

*Don’t pack anything you are just going to put into storage upon arrival. I made this mistake many years ago. There were items I could not bring myself to party with, so I rented a storage unit. Funny thing is, when a tornado hit the storage unit a year later I never missed any of the items. I had paid to store things I didn’t even need! (Clearly, there is an exception to this tip if you must store everything until you find a new home. What I am talking about here is the ‘stuff’ you don’t really have a need for, or items you think you can’t part with.)



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Create a no-frill binder with notebook paper before you begin packing. Give each room a number; kitchen 100, living room 200, bedroom 300, etc., and write the name and room number on separate sheets of paper.

As you pack a box, write the room number and box number on the box. In the notebook, write the box number and a quick listing of contents on the appropriate room’s page in your binder. Keep it simple and don’t get lost in the details. After the move, you will know just by looking at a box what room it goes in. Also, if there are items you need immediately; sheets, towels, kitchen utensils, you can look in your binder for the box number these items are in.

This easy labeling method will allow you to grab the things you are looking for, or need right away, without having to unpack every box. Moving is no easy feat and you certainly don’t need the extra stress of not knowing where to find something.

Also, by knowing the contents of a box, you can unpack methodically and put things away at your own pace. When you are finished, your new home will be set up like you want it, clutter-free, and cozy.

Are you planning a move in the future? Hopefully these tips will help you declutter and organize before the big day!

Sometimes we need to declutter without moving, but it is an overwhelming task. If you feel this way, I invite you to come hangout with us at Thrive Uncluttered. We talk about the perils of clutter, learning how to let go, and we are creating simpler lives, one less thing at a time.

Thank you Lindsey and One Crazy Messy Mama readers. It has been a pleasure to visit with you today!


Della Terry is a blogger at Thrive Uncluttered, a blog dedicated to decluttering your home and life. Della and her husband live on a small acreage in central Oklahoma complete with goats and a miniature pony. She is passionate about creating a simpler life, one less thing at a time.

23 thoughts on “Move Into Your New Home Organized and Uncluttered

  1. Great tips here! I’ve done a lot of “trash bag” moves. The boxes and careful wrapping can be so time consuming and exhausting. I like your ideas, however. And as you said, some planning makes it possible to unpack methodically and put things away at your own pace. Much time saved in the end!

  2. Love all of your tips. My sister just moved from an apartment into a house and was the most organized person I have ever met. I told her that she should go into business and help others move!

  3. We recently had a friend move in for a few months… he just moved out so now I have a whole room of clutter to move back into his now empty room…. there are definitely some great ideas in the post! Thanks!

  4. The numbering system is BRILLIANT! I never thought of this before but it is a great idea when you are looking for a favorite sippy cup or stuffed animal late at night after a long day of moving!

  5. We have so much clutter I keep telling myself I need to pretend like we’re moving cross country just so I pare it down to what we really need. When we sold our condo, it felt the best when we had our house on the market. But I need to declutter for us, not for someone else! Thanks for sharing.

  6. These are such great tips! We’re currently looking for our first home and I’m not really looking forward to packing up all of our stuff. Though it will give me the opportunity to purge and simplify, so that part I am excited about!

  7. Moving is so super stressful. We just moved and hopefully we are going to be in our current place for awhile. I can’t do another move for awhile.

  8. These are really great tips. We aren’t planning a move anytime soon but it seems that we’re always finding more stuff that needs to be put away.

  9. While I have no plans of moving anytime soon, I can definitely use the decluttering tips! I used labels when I was helping my parents move and it was a lifesaver. When they moved into their new home, it was seamless because they knew exactly what was in each box!

  10. I really think moving helps you really decide what you truly NEED verses what you just keep. I kept so many things for years that we never used but as soon as it was time to pack everything got donated it seemed. Funny part I do not miss any of it.

  11. I used to purge my stuff every time I moved (which was every year for about 6 years). I became a very efficient packer and organizer when moving. Now I have been in my house for 9 years and everything is starting to pile up. I almost wish I could move again just so I’d have a great reason to toss most of our stuff! đŸ˜‰

  12. I am hopefully moving soon, so that is exactly what I am doing at the moment. I will be decluttering before the move and after like you suggested. I already have a lot of bags to take to charity!

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