How To Maintain A Clean House

Have you ever sat back and wondered how on earth your house will ever look clean with everything you have going on? Well I might just have something to help you with that!

Being a busy mama, wife to a Marine, and having two dogs you can only imagine the disaster my house tends to be on a weekly basis and for someone who sometimes tends to be a little OCD that does not work well for me. After several weeks of adjusting to a new baby in the house and my old cleaning routine taking a backseat in priorities, I knew I needed to figure out how to maintain my home in being semi organized.

Took me several different ways before figuring out that this routine in cleaning works for me and my busy schedule. By doing a few things in the morning before my son wakes, in the evening while my wonderful husband does the night time routine with Wyatt, and my weekly cleaning duty through out the day while he naps I am able to still maintain some sort of organized chaos!

Click the link for a free printable of my Cleaning schedule.



Patience…Who needs that?!

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Spiritual Teething

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