Patience…Who needs that?!

Recently I have been struggling with patience in basically all aspects of my life, and Tuesday night at my women’s bible study Priscilla Shirer talked about patience. Instead of talking about how you and I need to have patience, she discussed God’s long-suffering, patience towards us as his children.

I typed patience into google and this definition came up….

Patience- the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

Have you every asked your husband or your kids to do something around the house and in your mind when you ask them to do the task you pretty much expect it to be done right that moment? Yet when that task does not get completed in the manner or time in which we desired, we tend to become frustrated and sometimes angry. This all leads to doing it ourselves, arguing, and disappointment.

Our Heavenly Father is ever so patient with us because we as His children disobey or put off doing what He is asking us to do, and yet he never becomes angry or disappointed in us because He is ever so PATIENT and his patience is LONG-SUFFERING. Instead of being quick to anger and punishment He gives us so many opportunities to listen to His commands. He never has to take a break from us to be able to handle our faults!

I find it just unspeakably amazing that we serve such a patient God, even when we have failed or ignored Him time and again He never gives up on us because He loves us unconditionally. He created us in His perfect image!


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