Women of the Bible: Elizabeth

Women of the Bible: Elizabeth Today’s post is a little behind schedule due to the craziness of my household right now as my son is currently yelling at our dogs in the background and throwing cheerios at them as I am writtig this. Our featured woman in the bible today isElizabeth, she is a particularly … Read moreWomen of the Bible: Elizabeth

Blog Challenge Day 8: 5 Current Goals

5 Current Goals Lose Weight- Now before everyone gets all upset….I am only trying to lose the rest of the baby weight from Wyatt. Mainly I just want to tone my body back up since I am almost at my prebaby weight anyways. Just finished putting together a 30 day workout plan and meal plan … Read moreBlog Challenge Day 8: 5 Current Goals

Blog Challenge Day #5 Proudest Moment

As I sit here and think back on so many times when I finally accomplished things like making the varsity basketball team, getting an A on finals, graduation, getting a job, and even getting married. I realize that even though they were big moments in my life at the time that so many of my family … Read moreBlog Challenge Day #5 Proudest Moment

Spiritual Teething

As I crawled back into bed for the third time Saturday night, praying that God would tell his teeth to pause for a few hours so we could get some rest…God decided that at 3:15am for the fifth night in a row of having to get up with a miserable little man, was the perfect … Read moreSpiritual Teething

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