To the mama who…

I recently had an opportunity to invite a new friend over who also happened to have an infant that is close to Wyatt’s age so they were able to occupy each other while we got to have some much needed adult conversation that did not include “goo goo gah gah” LOL. During this encounter she made several statements like…

“I wish I could keep my house clean” 

“Your always so patient”

“I could never be as put together as you”

Can I just stop and say, NONE OF THESE THINGS ARE TRUE! When she showed up at my house I literally had just started a load of dishes, a load of laundry, stuffed a huge pile of clean laundry (just waiting on me to fold them for the 6th day in a row) in a basket and put them in the corner of the living room, taken out the trash that had been piling up because I was too tired to take it outside and just swept the entire house very quickly so that it did not look like I ran a dog shelter. There were toys everywhere as normal, baby food still sitting in the high chair that needed to be put away, diapers that hadn’t made their way to the trash, and a baby crawling around that had food and dog hair on his face and tummy. Let’s not mention how I had just got out of the shower 5 minutes before you showed up, barely put effort into my personal appearance, had not eaten breakfast, and was so irritable with Wyatt and his crying fits due to teething. I also had not responded to several business emails that were waiting on me to answer, I needed to call the insurance company yet again, I had no clue what was for dinner, my grocery list was still not finished, I didn’t even wake up in time to do my devotional so I skipped it altogether and haven’t been able to workout like I would like to do. 

I say all of that to simply say STOP! The world puts so much pressure on us as mamas to “keep it together” and honestly I really feel that we are all just barely holding on. So to the mama who feels like she is barely holding on I want to tell you…


Your children do not care if there are dishes in the sink, the laundry is not folded right away, the trash is full, toys are everywhere, or the dogs are shedding and hair is everywhere. They just see a wonderful mama who loves and cares for their every need no matter how messy you feel they don’t see that because they are creating memories that will last a lifetime. They won’t mention to their friends how clean or organized your house is they will be too busy telling stories of fun times they had in your home. 

Believe it or not your true friends and your husband do not care if you only wear tshirts (that may or may not still have spit up or baby food on it) don’t have time to do your makeup or hair, and look a hot mess because they love you not your looks. 

We are human and we cannot do it all! It is okay to admit this because I can guarantee you that many if not all of your mama friends can agree that they too feel this same way!

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