Women of the Bible: Elizabeth

Women of the Bible: Elizabeth

Women of the Bible: Elizabeth

Today’s post is a little behind schedule due to the craziness of my household right now as my son is currently yelling at our dogs in the background and throwing cheerios at them as I am writtig this.

Our featured woman in the bible today isElizabeth, she is a particularly and important assest to the story of Christ. I am sure if you grew up in church this may seem like the thousandth time you have heard Elizabeth’s story. I challenge you today to not be caught in the mundaneness of her story but to rather really pray about how her story can influence your walk as a new wife, new mom, or in your new job. Now let us dive in and see what God has to teach you and me today!

Where is she found in the bible? Luke 1:5-25, 51-80

Background: Elizabeth is tied to Jesus in so many important ways because she is wife to Zechariah, mother to John the Baptist, and cousin to Mary the mother of Jesus. When we look at Elizabeth we see that she is considered much too old to bare a child and yet after many years of praying and giving up she becomes pregnant with John the Baptist. During this time she gives shelter to her much younger cousin Mary who is also pregnant with Jesus. Though the bible does not give us reason to why Mary went to visit Elizabeth, I can only imagine to would be to flee from the rage of her parents or the judgement of her towns people. Elizabeth is taken over by the Holy Spirit and knows that Mary’s baby is going to be Christ and becomes so filled with joy. After she gives birth to John her story sort of disappears and we really do not hear much about her after that.

When I look at Elizabeth’s story and prayed over her and what God intended for me learn was something that I struggle with everyday…PATIENCE & UNDERSTANDING. I have never been a patient person! My husband always comments on my patience with our son and I never understand what he is talking about because in my head I am usually freaking out and going nuts because our son is very high functioning and is always on the move creating a mess lol. When it comes to anything in life I have always been an instant satisfaction person, I expect to see results for the hard work I put into everything I do. I think people should just get it as quickly as I do and that is not always the case. More importantly when it comes to my relationship with Christ, I have never been patient with unanswered prayers or delay in his response to the answer I am expecting. When I do not get an answer or I get one that I do not like, my little pea sized brain does not understand how on earth God of the universe would not side with my decision…..Oh wait I know why, because he knows more than I do!

Elizabeth shows me the kind of person I desire to be. She went so long without bearing a child when she so deeply yearned for one and prayed to God, but he had better plans to give her a child that would fulfill his plan for salvation for all of us as sinners. I can only think of how sad she must have been all those years. Sometimes God is answering our prayers the WAY we want just not WHEN we want.

Here is my challenge for you, pray about Elizabeth’s story and reflect on a situation you went through or are going through and ask God to show you how you can learn from her example. I would love to also be praying for you, do not hesitate to send me a message or comment and I will add it to my prayer list! 🙂

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