Women of the Bible: Priscilla

Women of the Bible: Priscilla

Today I am starting a new series Women of the Bible, and will post on Wednesday’s with a new woman of God to teach us something. You may have heard of some of these women but there are also some women that you will not have heard of, like todays Woman of the Bible: Priscilla.

Where is she found in the Bible:

  • Acts 18:1-26
  • Romans 16:3
  • 1 Corinthians 16:19
  • 2 Timothy 4:19

Background: Priscilla was both a wife and a tentmaker with her husband Aquila in Corinth where they met Paul who also was a tentmaker and became fast friends, allowing him to work and live with them. Later the three would move to Syria and go separate ways until Paul started preaching, an Priscilla and her husband taught Paul more adequately the teachings of God. From this point they founded churches together and Paul also gives his final goodbyes to them and thanks them for their friendship and commitment to serving God.


From just the background information I gave you it may seem that there is really nothing magnificent and important to learn from Priscilla, which I also thought at first but as I prayed and studied not only her but the others listed in the passages along side her I started realizing what God wanted to teach me. I am by no means claiming to be a theologist, preacher, or educated teacher of the Bible, this is just my personal study and what I am learning and hearing God speak into my life.

He revealed to me something so incredibly simple but often overlooked in our society today. She was not a martyr, miracle worker, or hero but just a simple woman who loved her God with all her heart. When reading her story you can see how much she longed to obey God by how her and Aquila (her husband) opened their home to a complete stranger and as he began teaching and preaching they also taught him.


What I want to take away from Priscillas not so flashy story is this…Be a simple but yet true example of God’s undying love for us. I do not have to do anything marvelous or spectacular to get anyones attention to be a light for Christ. By simply standing by my husband, taking care of my child, an showing a true friendship to those I come in contact with I doing exactly what Priscilla did. We are not called to be miracle workers because that is God’s thing, although we are called to LOVE those around us no matter who or what the circumstance is.


I challenge you to go back and study the verses yourself and pray for God to show you what he wants you to learn, because what I learned may not be what God intends for you to learn and that is so amazing! What did you learn or how did Priscilla’s story impact you? Comment below!






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